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Subject : English for business

Student´s name: Doménech Gómez, Antonio

Title of the paper: Consequences for the planet

Author or topic: Global Warming

Abstract: This paper aims to analyze the Global Warming and how extremely dangerous it is for the planet. This will begin with an introduction where I explain in detail the reasons that led me to choose this topic, and help us know in advance how this document is structured. Once placed in context it would be helpful to review and to see which are greenhouse gases, which will help us better understand all the information gathered and presented in this paper. Straight afterwads we will discuss the natural causes that contribute to the development of this enemy as dangerous for the planet, as well as the causes caused by humans, which contribute to a greater extent, which is why I ask to pay close attention because we are all responsible for these causes. The next point shows the unpleasant consequences that the planet suffers. Then we can see that not everything is bad news, there is a way to prevent this problem from spreading. We can see that there are many solutions to reduce the possible impact on the planet. Finally I would like to end this project with a conclusion adding my humble point of view.

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Auto-evaluation: My autoevaluation of this work is Noticeable.

Academic year 2011/2012
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© Antonio Doménech Gómez

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