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Subject : English for business 1

Student´s name: Domenech,Antonio

Title of the paper: Global Warming

Author or topic: Know the repercussions and consequences of the global warming in the planet

Abstract: In this paper I would like to talk about The Global Warming. Once we have read the different opinions about the global warming, we’re going to extend the information about this topic by mentioning  the feared greenhouse effect.  We can also see how this  effect involves some  negative consequences for the planet and it’ll have many consequences in the economy. It is convenient to pay more attention to this point, because we’ll see many solutions to reduce the impact that produces this big problem. Finally, after observing all these points I’ll finish with a conclusion in which I’ll give my personal opinion

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Auto-evaluation: My autoevaluation of this work will be of 7 or 8, since in my opinion it is a good and interesting work, because thus the people who see this article will know what really means the warming globlal and his harmful consequences for the planet, this way from this moment the people can to become aware and help somehow to the planet.

Academic year 2011/2012
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Antonio Doménech Gómez

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