Global Warming

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“Earth has seen a violent past and has seen life forms disappearing from its surface, but that was due to natural forces. But now, humans are creating a catastrophe known as global warming that will wipe out all the life forms in future if it is not stopped now. Global warming definition can be understood by following the average temperature of earth’s surface in the last hundred years. An average temperature has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution clearly showing that global warming is not a natural phenomenon but is a man made disaster. It is the responsibility of every one on earth to understand global warming definition and act to prevent its onslaught.

To understand global warming definition one must understand clearly thecause of global warming. Root cause of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide due to burning of fossil fuels. The main culprits are the power plants that burn coal to produce electricity and in the process emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide envelops earth and does not allow heat of the sun to escape into the atmosphere, giving rise to the temperature. Global warming definition can be easily understood if you understand the principle of a green house.

Effects of global warming should be understood clearly to understand global warming definition. The effects are catastrophic in nature because as the temperature of globe will rise rainfall patterns will change giving rise to droughts and floods. The polar ice caps and glaciers will melt elevating the sea levels. This increase in sea levels will amplify the erosion of coastal areas. Increased temperature will give rise to high humidity levels thus increasing the incidents of epidemic. Global warming definition has a very wide meaning for human race as we are pushing our dear earth towards a place inhabitable for any living form.

If we understand global warming definition then it’s our moral duty to prevent earth from it. The emission of carbon dioxide at all costs must be brought down by using non conventional energy sources like solar and wind energy. We all should stand united and force governments all around the world to enforce Kyoto Protocol in effect that was signed in the year 1997 but is still far away from implementation. Global warming definition was never as important as now, so we must act now and do our bit to slow down global warming as it augurs catastrophe in the near future.

Global warming is one of the most important issues of modern times and if not taken seriously, it is all set to annihilate all life forms from the surface of the earth. To understand the issue and the gravity of the problem it is important to first understand global warming definition. It is continuous increase in the average temperature of the air near the surface of earth and that of the oceans. Global warming definition may look very simple but the phenomenon has started taking its toll, as the climatic conditions all over the earth are changing, and changing very rapidly.

The recorded changes in the average temperatures clearly show that they have a definitive increasing pattern and that by the end of this century will cross the threshold limits. Global warming definition thus becomes of utmost importance to understand, for every person on this planet. It is the menace of global warming that the polar ice caps are receding resulting in the rise of sea levels causing great damages to low lying areas near the oceans. The global warming definition has been understood by the people who have suffered great personal losses caused by the calamities resulting from global warming.

To understand global warming definition one should know what causes this global warming. It is an established fact now that this warming is caused by the reckless burning of hydrocarbon fuels. The burning emits carbon dioxide gas that causes a green house effect by covering the surface of the earth. This cover does not allow the heat of the sun escape into the atmosphere thus keeping the surface warm. For an average person global warming definition may look mundane but he should give a serious thought to it, for his actions today will save the generations to come, tomorrow.

Teaching the global warming definition has now become a focal point of the governments all over the world. The official bodies are coordinating with independent groups to make people realize the importance of global warming and its effects on the future generations. Global warming is a controversial issue as industrial giants causing it wholeheartedly deny the fact that carbon dioxide emission is the cause of this phenomenon but on the other hand are spending millions to make people understand global warming definition by organizing workshops and media ad campaigns taking it up as their social responsibility. Global warming has the potential to kill million of humans in the next few decades”. (1)


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