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Posted on diciembre 4th, 2011 in Essays 8 - 14 by andogo

The people doesn’t trust  the banks, the people haven’t this confidence that previously could  have with the bank that kept their money, actually you don’t know  who is the director of the bank. What is sure is that in the bank there will exist many persons who only  looking that it’s clients pay more interest, without matter  them if the clients can or can’t to pay their debts.

Another certain thing is that when the banks give too much money, the governments comes in their help. This   government help generates a few taxes that since it couldn’t be any other way these taxes are paid by the persons who have their money in the banks. Apparently the companiesdoesn’t pay this series of taxes, because otherwise they would leave to another country.

The banks doesn’t leave  money the people whom  with the objective to help these could pay his mortgages, which really the banks look is to charge more and more interests, as the majority of the companies only seek to obtain benefits without thinking in the consequences about other persons. The market needed a few formulas of lendings, and for that  were created, but these formulas were used with the objective to obtain more money at the expense of people.

Many banks are buying other banks, these are the banks which directors have one great salary and doesn’t matter them anything what previously have gone  to these banks. What seems to be clear is that the persons who have given their money, will must continues paying their debts and if they can’t, they will should  ask  more money  so as to pay these debts. In this way the people debts will continue growing but the matter for the banks is that to the same rhythm also   their benefits increase.

Personally  spite of listen enough times  this conversation to can have a light idea, I will dare to say that this history about that a few persons prosper at the cost of others it starts tiring me. I would like that some day the powerful people won’t abuse  in opposition to other persons simply to obtain benefits. The benefits  can be obtained equally in good faith. The banks only must doing that to protect their clients money, giving profitability to these clients in exchange, at the same time as they give the money to other persons who really need it,in other words must act as intermediary, but it must do it without absorbing their clients blood.

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