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Most of the people are concerned about the things that have to do with their personal interest, things which carry a selfish thought. It is precisely this attitude that causes that problems continue to expand globally, since most of us look the other way without even showing the slightest interest.

When we talk about global problems we refer to things that affect everyone in the world, things often happen to people who have created or helped to prepare their creation and growth.

For this reason and to verify this theory of selfish thought, I choose this topic with the aim of showing that people contribute greatly to the development of this phenomenon, and what is even worse, in many people sometimes our actions are made knowing why we do it, but still we do not care to avoid it, we do not consider the possible consequences, and not trying to apply to fix that.

This attitude of people towards this kind of problem angers me because I’m sure they care about more things like: what to wear, that hair done, or going crazy for not having coverage on their phone. But the really sad thing is that thousands of people and species die each day due to this problem and what is even worse this is rising everyday.

Thus, the idea of this work is to understand step by step what is global warming, in case anyone does not know or do not want to know,we are just going to see what are the greenhouse gases. Later we will observe the causes that have generated this problem where you can see that humans had generated more negative causes for the planet than the planet itself of natural causes.

Even still perplexed after watching the causes of global warming we will deepen with the bad consequences that encompasses the planet with this monster called global warming (this point will be what we will be focused on). But every great problem has a number of solutions that each of us can carry out. Finally, as in every good work we will see a conclusion which will match anything we have seen before.

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